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Frame My TV has joined Elite 3 Pro!

Elite 3 Pro is pleased to announce Frame My TV has joined our list of top-tier manufacturers.

Since its founding, Frame My TV has provided custom television frames to clients in each of the fifty states and around the world. Their décor solutions can be found in homes, commercial settings, luxury restaurants and five star hotels. From the very simple to the most elegant, our high quality frames are customizable to your specific needs.

All of the Frame My TV solutions are proudly custom made-to-order in Haverhill, Massachusetts and shipped directly to dealers and clients around the world.

Are you ready to enhance the look for your Samsung Frame TV*? Choose from a variety of traditional and contemporary frames. Each frame features a patented magnetic quick-assembly making setup easy.

*What is the Samsung Frame TV?

The Samsung Frame TV is unlike any other TV on the market, serving as both a piece of art and entertainment. When turned off, the screen serves as a canvas of art that populates to the screen. Choose from more than 20 pieces of free, pre-loaded art, or add your own custom art.


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