Our Story

Who are we:


Elite 3 Pro is made up of talented sales and consulting professionals that bring a wealth of expertise ranging from retail sales to manufacturer sales experiences. We are passionate about the technology industry we serve and care even more about the relationships we've developed over the decades spent in this industry. We're committed to doing the very best we can for the customers we support and the manufacturers we represent. As a collective group, we not only understand the expectations placed on us to deliver positive results, we have the formula to net success for everyone. 


When & Why:


Elite 3 Pro's roots go back to 2006 with a predecessor firm called Elite Marketing. This firm was created out of necessity to meet the increasing demands to support the ever changing technology landscape and the purveyors that support them. The vision was to deploy a new type of rep model that not only placed an importance on control automation but would embrace the ever-growing presence of information technology and network access. Our ability to recognize and understand the adaptation of these technology platforms while incorporating our passion for audio and video, gives us an edge in the marketplace. As well, embracing the industry convergence that's been taking place over the last 15 years, between the residential and commercial channels, has helped us to identify and nurture new opportunities for all the technology partners we serve and support.  

What we do:


There are three pillars to our company's culture: being the resident expert for the brands we represent; understand and embrace the dynamics associated with the markets we serve; do all we can within our power to deliver quality and reliable customer service to the customers we support. To assist us in these efforts we focus on education, we share best practices, and embrace innovative thinking. Simply put, we're always thinking outside the box and continually pushing ourselves to excel in all facets of this business. We believe our success is measured by the success of all our technology partners; manufacturers and customers alike. 


We are... Your professional technology resource 

Our Team 

Dale Pugh
Sales & Management
Office - (832) 260-0486

*Based in Houston

The aspiration for success and a vision to achieve it has been the fuel behind the company's co-founder for the last 25 years. Like so many in this industry, his first exposure to A/V technology came in the early 90's selling mobile electronics at retail. Not too long after, he found his professional calling as a manufacturer rep and hasn't looked back since. 

Roles & Additional:

  • Outside sales and customer support (system design & troubleshooting)

  • Territory Managed - Houston, Central TX, Texas-Mexico Border

  • Sales & marketing trainings

Aaron Bayer
VP - Sales & Marketing
Sales & Management
Office - (832) 260-0481

*Based in Dallas

As an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience, Aaron has worked as manufacturer regional, a custom integrator and as a manufacturer rep. His career background provides the team and the manufacturers we represent with an invaluable pool of expertise to tap into. In short, between his love for technology and his diverse professional experience, Aaron is a key contributor to the company's success. 

Roles & Additional:

  • Outside sales and customer support (system design & troubleshooting)

  • Territory Managed - Dallas / Fort Worth, East TX, N. Louisiana

  • Technical acumen - site survey & system calibration 

Aaron McAllister
Customer Support Mngr
Inside Sales
Office - (832) 260-0483

*Based in Houston

Having spent the last 15+ years in this industry he's amassed a number of skill sets hat have proven valuable in supporting our customers. His love for technology combined with his understanding of our manufacturers inner workings, make him an essential part of our formula for success.

Roles & Additional:

  • Inside sales & technical support (PO/RA submission & customer service)

  • Initial lead process management (End-User and Business)

  • MDC detailing & training (Houston locations only)

Derick Alba
Derick Alba 
Regional Territory Director
Outside Sales
Office - (832) 260-0482

*Based in Baton Rouge

Derick has been a part of the consumer electronics industry for over 20 years. His journey started out in a sales role at Circuit City and eventually evolved into a management role working for Apple the last 13 years. He brings with him a passion for technology, an incredible wealth of network and IoT knowledge. And more importantly, the desire and determination to help our partners grow and become more successful. 

Roles & Additional:

  • Outside sales and customer support 

  • Territory Managed - Houston, Beaumont, and Louisiana

  • Network savvy and an audio gear head

Jay Penick
Regional Territory Director
Outside Sales 
Office - (832) 260-0484

*Based in Oklahoma City

As a 35 year industry veteran Jay's sales talents and passion for music has allowed him to evolve from a retail salesperson selling audio for 10 years to becoming a successful manufacturers rep for last 25 years. Having supported every category over the years, Jay is well versed to manage any challenge that comes his way. 

Roles & Additional:

  • Outside sales and customer support (system design & troubleshooting)

  • Territory Managed - Oklahoma, Arkansas, West TX, Dallas / Fort Worth

  • Best practices - promoting, selling & customer retention