Elite 3 Pro & Lucas Sales Group form TOLA Reps to represent Samsung

Samsung made the smart business decision to work with manufacturer rep agencies across the country. That being said, In the Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas markets, better known as TOLA, the dealer interactions and support could be a challenge for one firm alone to effectively support Samsung without risking the loss of support for the other core manufacturer partners already represented. Instead of putting that burden on one firm, Elite 3 Pro and Lucas Sales Group came together to form TOLA Reps and were granted the opportunity to represent Samsung. This group is not a merging of two firms but an extension of an aligned vision to successfully support brands like Samsung; brands that need a lot of interaction and collaboration with a dealer base that exceeds 1000 custom integrators. Now, looking beyond Samsung, there is a collective logic between the two organizations that there are other similar brands that could be supported under the umbrella, especially when looking beyond the consumer electronics channel. Our long-term plan is to seek out other partners from other channels that share a similar vision to collaborate efforts in the ever changing technology market, especially given the convergences taking place between the commercial and residential market segments. Visit www.tolareps.com to learn more.

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