Luminesse from Stewart

There is no denying that the world of projection screens has changed dramatically in recent years. Though the task of reproducing a projected image remains the same, technology has allowed screens to evolve far beyond a white sheet framed in black velvet. Today’s clients are seeking screens that can do more and fit more within their lifestyle. The most notable demand has been for minimal edge bezels on film screens. Clients no longer want to see a thick black band on their screen but now are seeking a sleeker look that allows for a whole new level of product application.

At Stewart Filmscreen this demand has not gone unnoticed and, as the industry leader in screen technology, Stewart has responded in a big way. Introducing the LuminEsse by Stewart Filmscreen, a fixed frame, front projection screen system with standard 3/8” thin beveled frame. Though other companies may offer minimal edge bezels screen systems, no other company can offer the optical coatings that are backed by more that 65 years of development, proven in countless screening rooms the world over, and the most accurate image reproduction available.

Stewart Filmscreen’s highest performing front projection material is laminated to a rigid surface allowing for an incredibly thin frame while making certain the screen remains flat. This super thin screen system can be equipped with LED lighting around the perimeter creating a unique ambiance that cannot be achieved with a conventional screen system.

For more information on Stewart Filmscreen’s LuminEsse visit their site and for assistance with quotes and specification, contact Elite 3 Pro.

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