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USA made products including 16 channel home theater processors; A/V receivers with real amplifier power; multi-zone intelligent amps with DSP and seamless control platform integration.
Artnovion (OA Partner)
This Origin Acoustics partner is an acoustical panel manufacturer designed to fit a variety of rooms, styles and applications, including living spaces, restaurants, boardrooms, churches and more.
Clarus Cables (Tributaries)
This is Tributaries' patented, high-end series of products engineered by celebrated cable designer Jay Victor and include audio interconnects, power cables, speaker cables and power conditioners.
Best known for their signature driver, this Denmark based manufacturer engineers and designs some of the world's best cabinet speakers, studio monitors and active loudspeakers in the industry.
Esoteric Audio
Manufacturer of high-end, audiophile grade, amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, CD transports, master clocks and DAC's.
Hegel Music Systems
Manufacturer of hi-fi electronics such as integrated amps, DAC's, amplifiers, pre-amps, CD players and all designed with IP integration for 2-way interface and control.
Holm Lighting
Having Hunter Industries as a parent company provides a wealth of resources to engineer outdoor lighting solutions that incorporate zoning, color LED options and IP integration for control.
Integra is Onkyo's high-end series of electronics engineered for custom integration and include solutions such as audio/video & stereo receivers for the residential market segment.
JL Audio
Manufacturer of high performance, enclosed subwoofers for in the room applications and architectural subwoofer solutions for in-wall or in-ceiling applications. (Made in the USA)
Leon | Media Decor
Manufacturer of vertical and horizontal soundbars to match the TV size; interior designer friendly custom speaker solutions and framed artwork to conceal nearly any size, mounted flat panel TV.
Origin Acoustics
Manufacturer of architectural speakers, subs and much more. Also, between their products and the products their brand partner, Ambisonic, offers, they have every outdoor audio application covered.
Manufacturer of audio/video receivers, stereo receivers, CD changers and an array of other electronics for the custom integration market.
Pioneer Elite
Manufacturer of audio/video receivers, stereo receivers, CD changers, theater packages, turntables and other electronic solutions for the residential electronics application.
PRO Audio Technology
Home theater solutions engineered to deliver commercial cinema sound for the home but with much more flexibility than the competition offers in both product choices and pricing.
An integrated music software that will identify, curate and manage your local library of music as well as streaming. It will enhance the overall experience by using their internal metadata.
Salamander Designs
This USA based manufacturer engineers A/V cabinet and theater seating solutions to meet the needs of custom integration channels for both the residential and commercial install applications.
TEAC Reference
Manufacturer of reference grade turntables, integrated amplifiers, DAC's, all-in-one audio products and network audio streamers design for today's music lover.
Tributaries Cables
For the past 2 decades they've delivered high-performance audio interconnects, XLR cables, digital audio cables, speaker cables, and HDMI (UHD) cables with DPL Labs certification.
Tripp Lite
For nearly 100 years this manufacturer has been a pioneer in the power product category and with their bevy of products available today, there is a solution for nearly every integration application.
They offer a range of 8K and 4K flat panel display solutions for all market segments and applications, including Terrace for outdoor TV applications and Direct View LED for large format viewing.
Stealth Acoustics
As an innovator in the invisible speaker technology, Stealth builds full-range and subwoofer speakers that are designed to disappear when installed inside and outside of the home.
Stewart Filmscreen
Since 1947, Stewart has been the benchmark for projection screens, delivering motorized, fixed and ALR screens for the residential and commercial market segments, including movie studios.
Storm Audio
Home theater processors designed with modular flexibility to upgrade for newer technologies, keeping the processor always relevant and with abilities to support up to 32 discrete channels.
WilsonPro (weBoost)
As a leader in the cell phone signal booster category, Wilson has advanced their product line with the addition of cloud interoperability function, especially for more complex applications.
A manufacturer that has been at it for over 60 years, delivering products to meet today's A/V integration challenges while providing a family of solutions to integrate for tomorrow's applications.
Wolf Cinema
Wolf offers a range of theater projectors starting at $5,000 and are offered with a choice of either DLP or DILA technology platforms designed and calibrated to meet ISF industry video standards.
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